Allen B. Endicott

Allen B. Endicott

Title: Bankruptcy
Born: March 18, 1887
Birth Place: Atlantic City, NJ

Judge Endicott, Jr., son of Allen B. and Ada H. Davis, was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on March 18, 1887.

He was educated at Penn Charter, Atlantic City High School and the University of Pennsylvania. He was admitted to the bar of New Jersey in June 1908.

He was a member of the firm of Endicott and Endicott in Atlantic City and was appointed Referee in Bankruptcy in 1937.

Judge Endicott was a member of the Atlantic County (President 1941), New Jersey State (President 1939), and American Bar (Member of the House of Delegates) Associations.

In 1909 he was married to Clara R. Endicott and had two children, Allen B. III and Miriam Endicott Ernley.