Joseph Fitz Randolph

Title: Bankruptcy
Born: December 4, 1843
Birth Place: New Brunswick, NJ

Judge Joseph Fitz Ranbdolph, Jr. was born in New Brunswick, new Jersey on December 4, 1843, the son of Hon. Joseph F. and Sarah A. Randolph. His father had been a Judge of the New Jersey Supreme Court and a member of Congress. He was graduated from Yale College in 1862, and continued studies in Berlin, Heidelberg and Gottingen, Germany. He then read law with his father and also Hon. Peter D. Vroom, at Trenton, and was admitted to the New Jersey Bar as attorney at the November Term, 1867, and as counselor three years later. He resided at Morristown, but practiced in Jersey City where he was long head of the law firms of Randolph & Talcott, and of Randolph, Condit & Black. He was appointed Referee in Bankruptcy in 1898.

He was author and co-author or editor of many books. Among them, as editor, was his "Jarman on Wills" in 1880 and "Williams on Executors" in 1894, and as author "Randolph on Commercial Paper", "Succession Law in New Jersey", "New Jersey Transfer Tax Laws", "The law of Faith", "United States Inheritance and Transfer Taxes" and "Succession Statutes in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania".

He was married to Miss Harriet W. Talcott.

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