Frederick W. Leonard

Title: Bankruptcy
Died: July 7, 1906

Judge Leonard was born in 1840. He spent his entire life in Newark with the exception of a 12 year stay in the West. On his return, he resumed the practice of law. After leaving school he studied law in the office of William B. Guild. Later, at various times, he was in law partnership with Jos. Coult and Colonel Abeel and the late Ambassador Runyon.

Judge Andrew Kirkpatrick appointed him as the first United States Referee in Bankruptcy in New Jersey. He resigned the position because of failing health.

During his term of office he handled hundreds of cases involving millions of dollars, and it was his pride to the end of his life that not in a single instance had one of his decisions in any case been reversed by the United States District or Circuit Court, though many times those tribunals were appealed to by parties in interest who questioned the soundness of his disposition of his case.

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