Robert Morris

Robert Morris

Title: District Court
Appointed by: George Washington
Judicial Tenure: 1790 - 1801

Born: 1745
Birth Place: New Brunswick, NJ
Died: June 2, 1815
Place of Death: New Brunswick, NJ

Robert Morris was a New Jersey attorney and judge, serving in both state and federal courts. Morris was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and read law to enter the Bar in 1770. He engaged in private practice in New Brunswick through 1776. In 1777, he was named Chief justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, until 1779. He thereafter returned to private practice until 1790. Morris received a recess appointment from President George Washington on August 28, 1790 to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey vacated by the death of David Brearley.

Morris was formally nominated to the seat on December 17, 1790, and three days later he was confirmed by the United States Senate and received his commission. When the District of New Jersey was divided into the Eastern District of New Jersey and the Western District of New Jersey on February 13, 1801, Morris was reassigned by operation of law to both of the newly-created districts. The two districts were re-consolidated into a single court on July 1, 1802, and Morris was again reassigned by operation of law to his original appointment. He served until his death, in New Brunswick.

Professional Career

  • Private practice, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1770-1776, 1779-1790
  • Chief justice, Supreme Court of New Jersey, 1777-1779


  • Read law, 1770

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