William H. Morrow

Title: Bankruptcy
Born: February 10, 1844
Birth Place: Deckertown, NJ
Died: July 14, 1926

Judge Morrow was born in Deckertown, NJ, February 10, 1844, being the son of Samuel and Jeanette (Knox) Morrow, a soldier of the War of 1812, who was a lineal descendant of the Scotch Reformer, John Knox. He read law after the usual early education, with Lawyer Levi Sheperd of Deckertown and later with Linn & Shepherd of Newton. He was admitted to the Bar at the November Term, 1865 and as counselor at the February Term, 1869. Later he became a Special Master in Chancery and a Supreme Court Commissioner. In April, 1866, he began to practice at Belvidere and while in 1875, he formed a partnership in Newark with two brothers, Samuel and James M. C. Morrow, after four years he gave that up. Governor McClellan appointed him Law Judge of Warren county and he served as such from December, 1879, until April, 1898. He was appointed a Referee in Bankruptcy in 1904. He gained a wide reputation as Judge and afterward as council in the trial of causes, most notably as a defender of difficult criminals. Perhaps the Warren County Ring trials gave him most prominence.

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